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Online Admission

Our online admission platform offers the capability for candidates to easily upload digital copies of required certificates as part of the admission process. To enhance convenience and cater to various preferences, we provide two payment options: electronic payment for application fees, ensuring accessible electronic receipts, and the option to make payments offline via bank transactions. This approach not only aligns with the Digital India initiative but also accommodates those who prefer traditional offline payment methods. Additionally, we have implemented a systematic notification system via SMS and email, keeping candidates informed about crucial updates such as passwords, payment status, form submissions, and other relevant information throughout the admission process.

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Online Admission Portal

Employing our integrated Mobile App and Web-based platform for admissions, we've created a seamless and efficient admission portal for institutions. Our innovative system incorporates cutting-edge features, including a user-friendly Mobile App and a web interface, to streamline all pre and post-admission activities.

Online Admission Fees Portal

Welcome to our online Admission Fees Portal, where we strive to make the payment process as smooth and convenient as possible. We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why we offer multiple avenues for payment. You can effortlessly pay using our dedicated mobile application or through our user-friendly web-based platform, enabling a seamless transaction experience.

Admission Report

Step into our Online Admission Report Generation Portal at PrayagEdu- a platform devoted to providing you swift access to your admission status and crucial admission particulars. We prioritize transparency and keeping you informed throughout this pivotal process. Our portal offers a secure and confidential environment where you can instantly retrieve a detailed report encompassing your applied program, admission type, tuition and fees, and significant dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, School have its own Admission Portal .
Yes, the school can offer applications based on the requirements.
It depends upon school. By default is not required. Only one application form the parents need to filled in.
Yes possible from the portal.
No, only Admission fees and form fees setup is required.

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