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Notification via SMS and Email

We are thrilled to introduce our integrated SMS and Email modules, designed to revolutionize your communication strategy. Seamlessly manage birthday wishes, urgent notifications, incident reporting, and student absences from a centralized, user-friendly interface. Never miss a birthday as you effortlessly schedule personalized wishes, and ensure urgent notifications reach the right people promptly. Streamline incident reporting for swift responses and enhance parental engagement by automating student absence alerts. We're committed to making your communication efficient and effective.

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Birthday Wishes

This integrated feature enables educators and administrators to effortlessly can easily send personalized birthday wishes to parents and guardians via SMS and email, guaranteeing that each student's special day is acknowledged and celebrated. Through automated reminders and streamlined scheduling, ensuring that every student feels valued on their birthday has been made simple and efficient.

Urgent Notifications

At our core, we prioritize seamless communication between schools and parents, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our advanced Urgent Notifications features.This features empowers educational institutions to send real-time critical updates for students via SMS and email directly to parent.

Incident Report

We are excited to introduce our Incident Report Notifications features which is directly sent to parents through SMS and Email! With a strong focus on student safety and effective communication, this latest enhancement ensures that parents are promptly informed about any incidents within the academic environment. In the event of an incident, our LMS triggers automated notifications to parents, providing them with comprehensive details and actions taken by the institutiion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly check notifications, for multiple communication channels like SMS and email, maintain a strong network connection, stay engaged with the school, respond promptly to confirm receipt, and check spam folders to prevent important messages from being missed.
An incident notice is triggered for various events such as student injuries, conflicts requiring intervention, behavioral concerns, emergencies, or any situation that affects a student's well-being or safety.
Yes, to personalize birthday wishes for your child, make sure to provide and update their accurate birthdate information during registration.
You will receive automated SMS and email notifications for your child's attendance updates and absences.

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