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Assestment & Mark sheet Generation

Welcome to our comprehensive platform dedicated to efficient student assessment management and automatic marksheet generation.Our platform allows educators to create and administer exams online, ensuring convenience and accessibility for both teachers and students. With a variety of question types,including multiple choice,short answer,and more, we facilitate a diverse range of assessment styles. Say goodbye to tedious manual grade calculation. Our system automatically generates mark sheets based on the assessment results, providing educators with instant access to accurate grades and performance summaries. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring efficient and reliable grade reporting.

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Online Assestment Portal

Through this portal, students can easily access and receive assessments from their teachers while efficiently submitting completed assignments. We've streamlined the evaluation process, enabling teachers to provide prompt feedback and grades. This portal facilitates effective communication, fostering collaboration and a holistic learning environment.

Online Marksheet Generation Portal

We take immense pride in introducing a cutting-edge tool that empowers teachers to effortlessly generate grades and mark sheets for their students. With this advanced feature, we provide educators with a seamless platform to efficiently evaluate student performance, input grades, and create comprehensive mark sheets, optimizing the academic assessment process and enabling a more effective educational experience.

Lesson planning and progress Tracking for Student.

We prioritize efficient lesson planning and comprehensive progress tracking for students. We understand the significance of well-structured lesson plans, tailored to engage and educate students effectively. Our platform empowers educators to create, organize, and share lesson plans seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To stay updated on your child's academic journey, log in to our app and access Assessment for scores and feedback, or Progress Reports for grades and trends.
Yes, you can view and download your child's report cards and mark sheets directly from our platform.
To see what your child is learning, go to Lesson Planning sections in our app.
Yes, you can receive automated progress reports and summaries of your child's academic performance through our LMS portal and associated apps.

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